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Team/Association Programs at MDB

MDB, on average, works with 6-8 associations and 50-70 teams throughout the Twin Cities metro area each season.  Check out what we offer below.

If there is a specific service that MDB could provide your association we would be excited to do so.  We would also welcome the opportunity to speak to your association’s board to share in person, as it often helps for board members to see a face along with the information, our services and answer any questions.  We can also provide the board a detailed proposal for any potential service your association may be interested in.  Please feel free to give Coach Kelley a call, (612) 964-3438 or send him an email, if you have questions, need things clarified or need additional information.

Team Training

A MDB Coach attends a team's practice location to work with the coach and the players.  A majority of the time we are working with the players on shooting form and mechanics, shooting off the dribble and pass, offensive footwork for perimeter and post players, ball-handling skills, offensive moves from the perimeter and post areas, helping-man-to-man defensive positioning and footwork, and rebounding drills.
Some coaches will have the MDB Coach help them with their offense versus different zones, setting up and running a motion offense, options for breaking a full-court press, how to implement a fast break offense, setting up and running different 1/2- and full-court presses, etc.
Many associations that we work with will schedule each team's MDB session(s) right into the master practice schedule, and others will allow the coach to contact us to set up the team's session(s). The number of sessions that an association allows each team to have varies from 2-6 per season. Team Training sessions can be customized to fit the needs and wants of the                                                      association and/or coaches.


Off site player clinics

These can be pre- and in-season clinics designed to give the players additional opportunities to work with a professional coach on their shooting form and mechanics, footwork, ball-handling, offensive moves from the perimeter and post areas, and the mental side of the game.


Tryout evaluations

We have been assisting metro area youth basketball organizations with their tryouts for the past twelve years and have found that no two organizations conduct the try-outs in the same manner.  We often run the entire tryout process from the drills on the court to the evaluating of the athletes to the selection of the teams.  And other times, we are only one part of the process.  Here are some things to consider about tryouts and our services: 

Format Options: Customized to fit your needs & wants.
1.    MDB runs the entire try-out process including              evaluations.
2.    MDB evaluators only evaluate the athletes and
       have no input with the selection of teams.
3.    MDB evaluators evaluate the athletes and are
       involved in the selection of the teams.
4.    MDB evaluators only run the drills on the                      court not involved in the evaluations or                          selection of teams.
                                               5.    A MDB evaluator is one member of the                                                                       evaluation team. 
Number of Evaluators:  No more than 10 athletes per evaluator.

Number of Sessions
:  1-3 sessions, 1.5-2.0 hours per session.

Selection of teams:  Systematic process needs to be in place prior to the beginning of the try-out process.  MDB evaluators do not have to be involved in the final decision making process.

Coaches Handbooks

Handbooks include, among other things, the association’s mission statement, overall philosophy, break down of grade appropriate skills to be taught and progression of teaching, offensive philosophy, defensive philosophy, practice planning and use of time, how to be an effective teacher, techniques for motivating young athletes, practice drills and teaching points, proper conduct during games, in- and off-season conditioning programs, the importance of positive feedback, and information pertaining to motion offenses and helping-man-to-man defense.

Coaches clinics

Clinics can be as specific as an association wants them to be.  Potential topics include half- and full-court helping-man-to-man and zone defenses; motion offenses including philosophy, explanation of different sets and effectiveness; team practice drills; transitioning from offense to defense and vise versa; rebounding drills; specific shooting and ball-handling drills and teaching points; perimeter and post offensive drills; practice preparation and planning; game preparation and management.