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MDB offers many options for improving your game.  Private and buddy lessons can focus on individual player skill needs.  MDB also offers two types of structured workouts, one targeted to strength, speed and vertical jumping and another focusing on offensive skills incorporating drills and play time.  Check out everything we offer below.  Please feel free to give us a call or stop in to discuss what options are be best for you.

Booking lessons is quick and easy.  Simply email us or call Alison at the MDB main office, 952-346-8866.

Private lessons

One athlete with a MDB coach. One and 1.5 hour lesson options.


1-3 one hour lessons: $60.00/hour
4-7 one hour lessons, prepaid: $50.00/hour
8 or more one hours lessons, prepaid:  $45.00/hour
1.5 hour lessons:  $80.00/lesson

Private lessons with Coach Kelley
1-3 one hour lessons: $65.00/hour
4-6 one hour lessons, prepaid: $60.00/hour
7-8 one hour lessons, prepaid: $57.00/hour
9 or more one hour lessons, prepaid: $54.00/hour
1.5 hour lessons:  $85.00/hour

Buddy lessons

Two-to-four athletes with a MDB coach.  Athletes must
provide a partner(s) at time of registration.  One and
1.5 hour lesson options.

Pricing (2-4 athletes per MDB coach)
1-5 one hour lessons: $60.00/hour

6 or more one hour lessons,prepaid:  $50.00/hour
1-4   1.5 hour lessons: $90.00/lesson
5 or more 1.5 hour lessons, prepaid:  $80.00/lesson

Buddy lessons with Coach Kelley

same pricing as private lessons with Coach Kelley

Strength, Speed & Vertical (SSV) Workouts

One hour small group (up to 5 athletes) workouts that includes strength training with weights, resistance exercises, plyometric exercises, and foot speed, lateral quickness and vertical jump drills to improve athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury and improve self confidence.

Pricing (2-8 athletes per MDB coach)
1-3 one hour lessons: $20.00/hour
4-8 one hour lessons, prepaid: $15.00/hour
9 or more one hour sessions, prepaid: $12.50/hour

Shooting, Ball-Handling & Mini-Mite
Group Workouts

1.5 hour small group (up to 6 athletes) workouts that include on-court shooting, ball-handling and offensive footwork drills; and plyometric and resistance drills for increasing foot speed, lateral quickness, vertical jump and explosiveness.

Pricing (2-6 athletes per MDB coach)
1-3 one hour sessions: $20.00/hour

4-8 one hour sessions, prepaid:  $15.00/hour
9 or more one hour lessons, prepaid: $12.50/hour